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Scenes from the movie.
Stop that carriage!
How many of them are there?
My Dad says ..
There's somethin' strange ..
Ray, face it ...
Yeah, but what a ride!
So Egon ...
Well, he was border line ...
Well, I predict ...
According to my ...
Thank you. I'm an old friend ...
You wanna play ...
You mean. you never had ...
So what brainiac?
I think we hit the honey pot.
Is he right Ziggy?
I Vigo ...
We're breaking through. See some ..
I got three thousand phones out ..
I got a major gas leak here.
Before we began this trial.
Willfull destruction of ...

I'm a voter ...
You be careful there.
I want you to put ...
Do I have bad breath ..
This ones interesting.
Perhaps you could help me ..
I bet those science chicks ...
Ever done this ..
You never got it Dana.
Venkman would you get ..
I don't blame them ..
Very good Louis.
Mr. Tully do you have ...
Well there's so many ...
Kitten. I think what I'm saying ...
Oh my god! The Scolari Brothers!
You gotta do something.
Well, there's no time ..
Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.
Come on fat boy!
Two in the box. Ready to go.
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