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Extreme Ghostbusters
After two hit films, and one totally awesome Saturday morning tv show, what do you do next? You make a new tv show to pick up where the second film and tv show left off. You call it Extreme Ghostbusters .
The show brought back Egon, Janine, and Slimer, and also encorporated four new members to the ghostbusting team. Eduardo a slacker who likes to listen punk music. Garret a handicapped athlete that loves extreme sports. Kylie a girl who is very very fascinated in the paranormal (mainly because of the sudden death of her grandmother). Last but not least Roland who says he can fix anything as long as its some type of machine.
The show last for about 2-3 seasons. In reality it was just mainly created for making money off the toys. They would have accomplished this, but there was one big problem. While the show was going threw post and preproduction work, Sony and Trendmasters were working on a deal for the toyline. During this time Sony was sending stills of the characters to Trendmasters, and somehow Trendmasters started making the line before the final phase of preproduction had ended. This caused people to wonder what in the world the action figures where for, thus making the entire line go down the tubes.
Finally after awhile the show just fell to shambells, and was left to be picked by stations wanting it to be shown in re-runs.
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