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Ghostbusters II
What do you do after you make millions off of one of the biggest movies of 1984? You make another one to try and top the sales and popularity of the original. You call it Ghostbusters II.
Although Ghostbusters II didn't do as well at the box office in the U.S. it went through the roof over seas. It was considered extremely better than the original. Unfortunately Columbia didn't see it this way and didn't campaign it real hard when it came back out on video in 1999.
The following is taken from the back cover of the Ghostbusters II 10th anniversary edition VHS tape.
Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis take up their proton packs once more to battle the forces of evil in Manhattan!
After waging a war on slime that cost New York City millions, the Ghostbusters find themselves out of business-- until an ancient tyrant, preparing a return to earthly domain through his portrait at the Manhattan Museum of Modern Art set's his sights on Dana Barrett's baby as the new home of his wicked soul! With the help of the Museum's possessed curator, he plans to turn New York into a really scary place to live!
Now only the Ghostbusters can save New York City, by turning paranormal pest control into an art form!
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