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Miscellaneous Pictures
This is the picture that the C/T doctored up for the re-release of GB2 back in 1999.
Not to many people remember this little baby. Heck, even I don't probably because I was very young at a time. Anyway its still a very cool pic.
I found this one on Ebay awhile ago. It's modeled after the line said by Bill Murray in GB1. Instead of Ghostbuster, he says Scientist. A cool pic. for any collection any way.
Check this out!It's a picture of the first magazine of The Real Ghostbusters comic strip from NOW comics. I found this on Ebay a few days ago.
Now here is something that every Ghostbusters collection needs. An official I love my Ghostbusters Collection button.
Ah a very very rare item a Real Ghostbusters animation cell! Its amazing that someone would actually want to sell this you guessed it on Ebay! Personally I would have bought it for any amount of reasonable money.
A little fan art for the upcoming internet series Ghostbusters: The Next Generation. Although this isn't the best fanart, its something I cooked up in an hour long study hall. In which I had nothing to do so I drew this. The new trap design in the picture was originally thought up by RJ Umowski (Sg1star). I just put my own spin on it. The ghost is a orginal character created by myself. There is no name for it since I came up with it on a whim.
This is one of the many promotional pictures for the Real Ghostbusters cartoon series. To me it looks like this picture has come off a lunch box, but I'm not sure.
One of the more interesting photos from RGB. Its seems as if it is a still from a scene in one of the episodes. I don't know which one though.
Ah! A perfect shot of the Universal Studios Ecto-1 from the Ghostbusters Spooktacular Show.
Here is a poster advertising the Ghostbusters Spooktacular Show at Universal Studios
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