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Interview: Manalapan Ghostbusters
This month at The Grid we interview the Manalpan Ghostbusters. Read what they had to say in response to the Captain's questions. Also if you missed last month's interview with MTGB click here to read it.
1. How did you come up with the idea for MGB?
Justin: Well basically the idea came from when we were getting ready for Halloween, I had mentioned it to Alex and Jay joined in shortly after that. We created our equipment and became qualified for the world of Ghostbusting.
Jason: I thought it was a great idea so I joined in
Alex: Well Justin had come with the idea to dress up as Gb's for Halloween and make ourselves proton packs. Then after Halloween we decided to get more serious and take it to the next level.
2. Where are you located exactly?
Justin: We are located in Manalapan, New Jersey
3. What is your favorite thing about Ghostbusters?
Justin: I don't really have a favorite thing about Ghostbusters, I just love everything about it. I love the whole story, the uniforms, the cast, the equipment, etc. It's so original what's not to like about it!
Jason: I basically like the graphics in the movie and the whole concept of the story.
Alex: The fact that there's so many differnet ways you can view the movie, a comedy, scifi, action, and the fact that it can appeal to all ages.
4. Which of the Ghostbusters movies did you see first?
Justin: I saw Ghostbuters1 first when I was little and it really blew me away. Then in 1989 after seeing Ghostbuters 2 I had went to Universal and that was great. I got to see the Ghostbusters show and buy more toys and shirts and other things from there, it was really great.
Jason: I saw the first movie first becasue I figured if I saw the first movie first I'd understand the whole series.
Alex: I saw the first movie when I was about 4 and I became obsessed with Ghostbusters and I had alot of the merchandise and was a very big fan.
5. If you could have any prop from the movies what would it be?
Justin: If I could have any prop from the movie I'd have to say the proton pack because it's the main tool in ghostbusting and it's the coolest tool in ghostbusting.
Jason: I would hve the proton pack becasue I like the design and I find it really cool looking.
Alex: I'd like to have the slime blower because you can only use the pack on ghosts, but with the SB you can use it on anybody and they will wake up feeling like a million bucks!
6. Do you do any parties, conventions, etc.?
Justin, Jason, Alex: Yes we do make any appearance we can. In April in East Rutherford New Jersey we're going to the Chiller Theatre scifi convention so that'll be our next appearance and we are also in the works of collaborating with the JZGBS.
7. How do you plan to expand the MGB's in the future?
Justin: I think what we're going to do is try to get more people involved and maybe even join the MGBS's or help out in some way. We also will have shirts to give out and an internet radio station about the Ghostbusters, advertising us and the other franchises. We are also having an upcoming internet show on our site,, called Talk Spook so stay tuned for that.
8. If Sony was to re-release the Ghostbusters movies in 2004 for their 20th anniversary would you go see it?
Justin: Definatley I'd be the first in line to see it. I have never seen GB 1 or 2 on the big screen so it would definatley be a big and fun adventure. Consider me there!
Jason: Of course I would see it, I'd see it if I didn't even like GB.
Alex: Are you kiddin?! I'd be the first one to see it along with Justin and Jay.
9. Which is your favorite Real Ghostbusters episode?
Justin: I actually have two favorite episodes the first being Citizen Ghost and the second being Knock Knock. I thought Knock Knock was a great first episode to start off the series and I love how Citizen Ghost incorporates the movie. "It's him, the one who slimed me at the hotel. Get him!"
Jason: I enjoyed all of them!
Alex: I would have to agree with Justin. My favorite part about it was the fact that they incorporated the GB1 movie into it and talking about Gozer.
10. Finally, How many Real Ghostbusters toys did/do you have?
Justin: Basically too much to count! I'm pretty sure I have the whole line and also the EGB toys too. RGB is the best though!
Jason: Alot. I'm getting dizzy just counting!
Alex: I don't know the exact amount, but they're too much to count. When I was young I used to walk around the house with full Gb gear!