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Interview: Melanie, Webmaster of Ghostbusters Monthly
1. What gave you the idea for Ghostbusters Monthly?
Well, i felt that ghostbusters was growing stale. i looked around and all the sites had "its all been done before" written all over them (no offence hun). So i decided to shake things up. Alot. I knew that there were alot more female ghostheads out there than one would think. so i contacted them, chatted a bit and got it going. I thought a female calender was in order but soon a little red headed feminist came along and it had to be Uni-Sex.
2. How do you feel this will change the Ghostbusters community?
I knew it would raise some serious hell in one way or another! *laughs* but thats okay, we needed a change like this. I Knew that there were tons of guys out there and that the response would be outrageous! that and I just Love to strut my stuff. Why not spread the Female spirit out a little? The Fan mail is great too.
3. What do you feel is the future of the Ghostbusters franchise?
Well I might be very new to GBN but it is possible for another film, re-makes, clothing with logos on it. Everything seems to be going retro lately. Ghostbusters was right in the middle of the most confusing decage of the century. It'll show up sooner or later. Lets put it this way, is sony hasnt auctioned it off yet there still making money off it.
4. Can you tell us anything about what you have in store for Ghostbusters Monthly?
Oh wow. umm... I must throw out a Big thanks to Zedd, Mellie & Jay Tigran, as well as mat. With there support recently my mind has exploded with wild new ideas for the site. its really quite exciting. Lets just say that more than just the main page is gonna change! but i Need more pics ASAP for the 12 months. thats why im accepting pictures once again.
5. What is your favorite thing about the Ghostbusters Franchise?
Oh, its gotta be slimer from the old cartoons. Such a little cutie!
6. If you had the chance to be an extra in Ghostbusters III would you do it?
Defintely! hey, if i got what i got up now on the internet why wouldnt I love the big screen as well?
7. What is your favorite prop from the movies?
I wish I could say the trap, but after backs little inccident with the local fire dept. Im leaning towards either alot of Jannines earings, the pke meter or the original slimer puppet from the first film (I watched the DVD extras).
8. What was your first impression when you came to the Ghostbusters community?
I couldnt believe that it was still this popular! then it showing up on TBS. wow. I read lot of posts, saw how crazy back gets and found alot of cool sites to visit in the links section.
9. What was your favorite toy or item from the cartoon series'?
I loved the fake slime, that purple stuff. It cost a bundle but it was so cool. Gross. But cool.
10. What is (in your opinion) the Ghostbusters web site on the internet (excluding GBN, Ectoplasmic Archive, Ecto-135, and Ghostbusters Monthly)?
I just love how you asked that question. I like The Grid! pretty cool stuff here, I actually dont mind visiting GB world & the ghostbusters prop archive. all great places to browse new and exciting things.