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November 28, 2003

Ghostbusting on the PC

With all the talk about new items being released for the franchise, here's a fan project that might have been slightly over looked. It's Ghostbusters 3D, a game that from the amazing screen shots have show is re-creating the movies in a full 3D enviroment. The game is still in development, but hopefully the game lives up to the public screens. Take a look for yourself, and through in your two cents on the project:

November 24, 2003

Newsarama interview with 88 MPH

Check out the highly anticipated interview conducted by Newsarama. A very interesting interview, filled with a higher res cover art pic plus pics from some of the pages in the comic. Take a good long look at it. If you have any comments on it post in the Newsarama forums.

November 22, 2003

Been looking for cover art of the new comic? Diamond's got your back.

Have you been wondering, since FOREVER! about the cover art for the new Ghostbusters comic from 88mph studios? Well I have and it seems Diamond has so graciously displayed it on there site with a lite synopsis. Also, if you scroll down the page some you will find info on the new Tron comic aswell. Check it out here:

Help to save the Ecto-1A!!

Here's something that every ghosthead should do. We all know that the Ecto-1A was moved to Universal Studios in Florida a few months ago. Well since its been sitting out in the elements for so long, the old girl is in extremely sad shape. Please help in getting Universal to restore the Ecto-1A back to her original movie state, and to put her inside a building with other movie cars so tourists can enjoy her. That way she stays out of the elements, and tourists can stay cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

You can e-mail Universal at: Heck if we get lucky enough maybe Sony will follow suit and fix up the Ecto-1 for us aswell.

Special thanks to river_of_slime for the newstip.

November 9, 2003

Launch date of new Ghostbusters comic series has been set.

Start saving up for your first issue or subscription ghostheads. 88 MPH Studios has given out the official release date of the new Ghostbusters comic series entitled Ghostbusters: Legion. It will be a four book series, that hits store shelves on February 11, 2004.

If you are a subscriber to Diamond's Previews catalog you in luck. You will be able to pre-order the comic book in the December edition. You can find all the info in the Eighty-Eight Studios section.

November 7, 2003

Background GBII Proton Pack on eBay?

Your Universal reporter River of Slime has found a few auctions on eBay that are selling props from Ghostbusters II. The first is for a background screen Proton Pack: There's is also an auction from the same person for a official GB II invoice: Check them out, and if you have the money place a bid or two.

Facade FX has some cool special effects.

Have you ever wondered what happen to the creator of such things as the Home Depot Power Pack Plans? Well its seems the man, the myth, the legend Norman Gagnon a.k.a. Paranorman is in the process of revamping his site Facade FX. It's not quite done yet, but still looks cool check it out:

November 6, 2003

Dan talks about Ghostbusters 3, once more.

Props to River of Slime for finding this:


Veteran movie comedian DAN AYKROYD has ruled out the possibility of a third GHOSTBUSTERS film - because co-star BILL MURRAY doesn't want to be involved.

Dan, 51, admits all the original team would like to make another installment but unless Bill changes his mind it won't happen.

He says, "Never. That will never happen. Unless Bill Murray agrees. Everyone else would love to do it, COLUMBIA, HAROLD RAMIS, myself, director IVAN REITMAN.

"It's a five-way rights situation and Bill is locking up his piece of the rights because he feels that was work that he just wants preserved and he doesn't want it diluted.

"And as an artist I can respect that."

Read the article

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