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April 14, 2004

Let it be known, Ghostheads can spend money.

Well it seems like every Ghosthead knows a good product when they see it. I just happened to check the Graham Crackers website, and now the Issue #1 variant and incentive covers of Ghostbusters: Legion are sold out. Though if you really, really need a copy of issue #1 the GCC exclusive cover is still available for $6.99. Come on guys lets get everything sold out? Also Mr. Clavet, or anyone else from 88 MPH Studios, if you see this how about another printing of issue #1?

April 12, 2004

Ghostbusters: Legion #1 Sold Out!!

We've done our jobs ghostheads. The first issue of Ghostbusters: Legion has officially sold out. You might still be able to get copies at your local comic shops. Gramham has completely sold out of the regular issue #1 cover, but still has the variants for sale. Plus for $25 USD you can get Ultra-violet incentive cover that was only to have one given to shops that ordered at least 10 copies of issue #1. There's talk going on right now that 88MPH Studios might decide to do a second run of the first issue. I say go for it Sebastian, and the rest of the gang at 88 MPH!! Also if you want to get a pre-oder in for the monthly Ghostbusters series starting directly after the end of Legion Click this link to get a pre-order form for the monthly series.

April 1, 2004 talks techomedy.

What's techomedy? How can popcorn be smart? Now I know your all wondering how this could happen, but it's an interesting article up on Now I wouldn't have posted this for you guys unless there was a Ghostbusters reference. Well there is, the last half of the article is all GB. Plus, there's some William Atherton trivia in there for all you trivia buffs. Check out the article:
. Thanks to river_of_slime for the tip.

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