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December 30, 2004

Legion #4 release date announced

Mark your calendars ghostheads the final issue of the Legion series will be released on January 19. Make sure you get your copies ordered now so you don't miss out on the thrilling, gripping, conclusion. Don't have a comic book store near you? Check out Graham to get your issues.

December 21, 2004

New info on 20th anniversary DVD.

Chuck from over at the GBHQ MB chimes in with a bit of news about the new DVD. He's reporting that Sony is dumping a lot of money into this new dvd. How much is anyone's guess. I sure it's around several million dollars. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw an announcement sometime between January and March of 2005. If you still have any ideas for items you would like to see in the new dvd post in the thread over at GBHQ:MB by clicking here.

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