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January 22, 2004

Issue 3 Cover Art Preview

Check out the latest cover art for issue 3 of Ghostbusters Legion: Makes you wish Feb. 11 was already here doesn't it?

January 17, 2004

Pics of the Ecto-1A @ USF.

Always wondered what the Ecto-1A looked like to people walking by it at Universal Studios Florida? Well now you can take a look. River_of_Slime has compilied pictures from all over the net taken by people on vacation at USF. Check it out here: Even better is that River has talked to some of the people who work at USF, and he has confirmed that the Ecto-1A is being restored to her original condition. Now if we could just get the Ecto-1 restored we would be all set. Anyone want to try for this?

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