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March 24, 2004

Uhhhhh, Houston we have a problem.

Many ghostheads today tried to go to and to only come up with an error message. This is because the server that housed these sites has had a fatal hard drive crash. Also it looks like neither one of these sites will see the light of day again for atleast a month. Now I know most of you are saying what about the boards? Well for right now the GBMB has sorta, kinda been erased from existence, but fear not there's still a few other message boards out there. Check out any of the following below:

Ghostbusters HQ Message Board

Cross the Message Board

Ghostbusters International Message Board

ASAP Ghostbusters Forums
(scroll down until you see Ghostbusters)

March 13, 2004

Once again the pleas of Ghostheads fall on deaf ears.

This just in from river_of_slime. He recently spoke with a person who works at Universal Studios Florida. It seems our big push to get the Ecto-1A fixed up has fallen on deaf ears. All the car is doing now is setting a back stage left to rot some more. It's not known when the car will be put out on display again, or sent back to Sony. This is a another dark day in a seemingly never endless era for us guys. I suggest you keep sending e-mails to Universal asking them (politely) to restore the car. Maybe, just maybe we'll get lucky.

RGB DVD's in 2004.

Most of you remember back about 6 months ago when Rhino entertainment had a poll of what cartoon series they should put out on DVD, and RGB was one of the choices. Well that poll has come and gone, and nothing had happened. So Brian Reilly of The Ghostbusters Download Center fame came up with the idea to get Anchor Bay Entertainment to look at the property. Quote: "Why? Because it'll at least keep RGB in the spotlight. And just if Rhino is hesitant to pick up the rights, then getting Anchor Bay to at least look at the possibility might start a bidding war when they realize that each other are looking at it. And I think we all know how good those can be for us consumers." So let's all hit up the Anchor Bay Entertainmet mail server at
Thanks to Brian Reilly for the tip.

March 4, 2004

T-Minus 13 days and counting.

You only have 13 more days to wait for the highly anticipated premier issue of Ghostbusters: Legion. Get your copies today. Don't have a comic shop near you? Order it online from the following online retailer: My suggestion to everyone who reads this is get your orders in early. That way you know that you will have a copy or copies of the comic.

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