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June 25, 2004

Ghostbusters: The Animated Series episode 1 released today!

This is a great series created by fans for fans. The first episode Cabin Fever improves greatly since the original flash cartoon created by Tajiri Studios entitled Job No. 567. Better drawing, story, acting, etc. Check out the ep. click here. To learn more about the show visit there website at: Leave them some feedback, new ideas, etc. visit there message board at:

Definite release date for The Zeddemore Factor.

Sebastian popped in the Ghostbusters HQ Message Board yesterday saying that the release date of The Zeddemore Factor won't be until July 22nd (the first day of the San Diego Comic Con). So what will happen is this since Legion #2 is being released on July 21st, Graham Crackers Comics will ship both TZF and Legion #2 at the same time. Giving you a lot more to read. To keep up with what's happening with the comics check out the GBHQ:MB comics section. Also there's still time to get a copy of TZF and Legion #2. Click here for TZF and here or here for Legion #2.

June 22, 2004

Ghostbusters made the top 400 list of AFI's 100 YEARS...100 SONGS!

Watch CBS tonight at 8:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT to see if Ghostbusters made the top 100 cut for the AFI 100 years 100 Songs special hosted by John Travolta. Check out the top 400 list here.

Latest on news on Legion comics release dates.

Sebastian popped in yesterday over on the GBHQ:MB to confirm that the reprint of issue #1 of Legion will hit stands on June 30. With the reprint there will be adjustments made in quality, etc. He also said that Legion #2 will be out July 21st, with #3 and #4 to follow soon after. To read the full post click this link.

June 21, 2004

Straczynski to Enterprise. One to beam up.

It seems RGB story writer J. Michael Straczynski might make the jump to a Star Trek series, as reported from Earlier this year Stracznyski wrote a treatment for a new Star Trek series with Dark Skies creator Bryce Zabel. This will hopefully fix the problem with the franchise right now. The question is will Paramount go for it? Read the full post here.

June 13, 2004

Some great sites all should see.

Since its the weekend of the 20th anniversary I got to thinking that there are some great old and new GB sites out there that no one has seen. Granted the site of the month counteracts this slightly, I figured that this time around that wasn't enough justice. So take a look at the following links below. I'm sure you'll enjoy them.

Spook Central
The Nexus
Ghostbusters: The Music
Ghostbusters Fan Forum
Ghostbusters International
The Real Ghostbusters Fan Page!

These are just a few that I have enjoyed to look at a wider variety head to the references section, or for the biggest list of GB links (before and after GBN) go to the Proton Charging's links section.

June 11, 2004

88 updates us on all things comics.

If you haven't been to the 88 MPH Studios website recently you have been missing out big time. The reprint of Legion #1 will be out on June 30th. So make sure your copy is reserved, since its likely they'll go fast. Ghostbusters #3 Monthly Series was announced dealing with Vinz Clortho and a new ghost with a possible team up. Also a special comic will be distributed at the San Diego Comic Con by the Graham Crackers Comics and booths. The comic entitled "The Zeddemore Factor," will talk about Winston's first night as a Ghostbuster. Finally, since three days ago was the start of the 20th anniversary that Ghostbusters was released to theaters 88 is promising special promotions and prizes through out the year. Stay tuned Ghostheads looks the rest of 2004 and the first half of 2005 is gonna rock!!

June 4, 2004

Ernie Hudson at Adventure Con 3!

That's right ghostheads this weekend June 5-6 Ernie Hudson will be signing autographs at Adventure Con 3 in Knoxville Tennessee. If there any ghostheads in the area make sure you try and get an autograph from Mr. Hudson, get a couple pictures (if possible), and anything else you can think of. To see who else will be at Adventure Con 3 head here. For information on where it will be held check this out. Special thanks to Kevin Williams for the tip.

June 3, 2004

Classic Universal Ghostbusters videos!

Have you always wanted to see the Universal Studios Ghostbusters shows, parades, etc., but never could get there to see it until it closed? Well now you can take a trip down memory lane with some cool video footage. Check out the link below. Special thanks to river_of_slime aka Ecto-Freak from GBHQ:MB for the tip.

*Note for 56k users please download the first two before you download the rest. There the smallest and won't take as long to get.*

Ghostbusters driving USF Ecto-1


Ghostbusters Spooktacular

Ghostbusters street show 1991 version

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