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August 9, 2004 is online again.

After being down for several months has returned albeit in an archived state. Along with it the Ghostbusters Message Board has come back with a slightly different look. So go and take a look at it, and remember times of yester-months ago.

August 6, 2004

Happy 4th anniversary The Grid!

I know it's three days late, but work had me all tied up. To think it's been four years since I started work on this site. A lot of things have changed.

I started work on this site on an old Packard Bell desktop computer running Windows 95, now I'm between a HP a-345w desktop computer running Windows XP Home Edition, and Dell Inspiron 600m running Windows XP Professional.

Some people have asked me that since I've been working on this site since August 3, 2000 have I ever gotten bored with it? Not really. This is a very interesting community to run a site for. We've had tons of flame wars on several different message boards, been left down time and time again on many different things. Now we are becoming cool and dare I say popular again. The site for that matter has come from getting one or two visitors (besides myself) to going over it's alotted amount of traffic for the day and month for days sometimes weeks on end.

Now I know a lot of you are saying were's the new design, party favors, and free ballons for the kids? I wish I could give everyone a gift, but I think the people at 88MPH, NECA, iBooks, etc. are doing just that. I had thought about a new design for the site, but I could never come up with one that I liked. So I'm gonna keep the present one for a long time. Besides this is the design that I always had in my head. It just took three years for it to come to life. Although I do plan to stream line it, by fixing a few things and adding a few here and there. If you see anything that needs fixed send me an e-mail, and I'll get on it. I do have two things that I would like to do, but I'm not sure time and money would allow me to do it. I would like to get a domain for the site, and add a web show for all to download kinda like the Interdimensional Crossrip, or the never seen Talk Spook.

So enjoy everything the site has to offer and be prepared for the future.

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